1. TV and movie screens are proven to place you into alpha brain wave state, which is the same brain wave state that a stage hypnotist places their participants in before their minds are implanted with suggestion and before dormant programs are set in…. that can be triggered at a later time.

2. TV shows and movies (especially news shows) use the colors blue and red in most everything they do. Everything from the props on the sets to even the color of clothing the anchors wear. This is because blue and red are the most powerful colors to invoke reflexive obedience in the viewing audience.

3. News shows often use maritime/fishing terms like broadCAST (casting a fishing line or net) or newsCAST. The person CASTING the for the NETwork is often called the newsANCHOR, the person who anchors you to the couch for the insertion of your programming and beliefs. Even the word channel or newsCHANNEL is a maritime/fishing term because all TV shows (including the news) are about getting you into the net for an efficient harvesting of your energy, by telling you what to believe, say and do when you get off your couch. Channels are there to guide you in one direction and one direction only.

4. Many program introductions (like sport’s recap programs for example) include spinning circles, bright flashes of light, fast moving objects that block the view of the screen for milliseconds, and top 10 countdowns……which are all proven to trigger intense alpha brain wave state induction, placing the audience member in a perfect neurological state that facilitates complete control of their subconscious. In conventional hypnotherapy, top 10 countdowns from 10 backwards are extremely common. Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure?

5. The word screen means “to abstract or block from view”. Often everything you need to know is in the words themselves. A screen shot in hockey is when an opposing player blocks the view of the goaltender. A screen on a window allows you to see out but not perfectly, where the view is partially distorted. Your movie, TV and cell phone screens are there to block your view of reality and to sub in a faux reality, inserted into your subconscious by our cultural enemies.

6. Your TV and movie screens were invented as the most stealth military weapons ever designed because when in alpha brainwave state, the viewing audience can be programmed to do anything their enemies want to them to. Alpha brainwave state gives complete care and control of the subconscious command system over to the programmer, which in turn controls 93-97% of a human’s behavior. Studies show 35% of the population can offer no resistance to alpha brainwave state control of their thoughts and behaviors. Another 40% are too morally weak to resist following that first 35%…. because of pack animal group tendencies in the human genome. The remaining 30% of the population simply watch the other 70% act out moronic screen driven mind control behaviors and can’t believe that the other group is so easily put under mind control by their inverted media. In short, your historical enemies invented the TV and movie screens to make you do many things…..up and to and including today, tricking people to push poison under their skin, while believing that this is their ticket to better health and more freedom. If you don’t have the freedom to not poison yourself, you obviously are under mind control to believe you’re free. If you’re voluntarily poisoning yourself without a second thought, you’re under mind control as well. Our enemies laugh as the TV, movie screens, print media and radio (which they control) can program the population to destroy themselves and destroy the children…..and therefore no conventional infantry, fighter jets, missiles, tanks or overt war equipment is necessary to conquer that area of land or group of people.Why spend money to destroy your enemies when the TV and other media sources can program the public to destroy themselves……and also trick that group of people to pay for their own destruction as well?

7. It was decided long ago that it would be too obvious if the TV was delivered to each house free of charge and if TV’s were made mandatory, so mind control was used to make people buy the TV and have them place the TV as a focal point inside each home.The channels were offered for free for a very long time, so the mind control could be broadCAST with ease. Even today the cost of something like Netflix is kept artificially low, in order to brainwash, mind control and modify the behavior of large tracts of human cattle.

8. Psychoactive drugs such as caffeine, sugar, THC and alcohol up regulate alpha brainwave state and help drive the programmed behavior content deeper in the subconscious mind. This is why caffeine and sugar are forefront in our society and always sold to the viewing audience in our movie theaters. Oddly enough coffee mind control (via a coffee cup, a coffee mug, a coffee machine or a coffee shop) is the most repetitive content in all Hollywood film and TV productions…….as caffeine has been discovered to be the most effective brainwashing psychoactive drug of all time. There are people employed in Hollywood to make sure there’s as many coffee imprints/objects as possible in every shot of each film. (picture below)

9. The subconscious is the target of all these efforts. You can gain complete subconscious behavior control of the viewing audience through repetition based “driving”, which is again only enhanced when the audience is polluted with various toxic chemicals and psychoactive drugs. The human subconscious is designed copy, mimic, emulate and mirror repetitive content. The most repetitive content in all screen productions today is non stop self gratification, hedonism, war, killing, fighting, gossip, shallow pleasures, coffee, alcohol, men are weak/moron themes, women are superheros, sexual confusion themes, dependence, single motherhood, anti male themes, feminized male themes, child behavior long into adulthood, suicide, anti Christianity themes, crime, corruption, the normalization of authority, dirty cop, government will save the day themes…..and basically anything else that will destroy our society once we act these behaviors out, which we are proven to do. That’s why they do it. These laws of the mind are as firm as any law in the Universe. What’s on the screen in the morning, will be on the street by nightfall.

10.Your screens aren’t there to entertain you, they’re there to ENTRAIN you and program your behavior. That’s why it’s called television programming. Your screens and news shows aren’t there to inform you, they’re there to misinform you….so that you become programmed to act, think and talk in a way that destroys your own society. Using this covert take over method our cultural enemies can walk into our free societies without resistance, once you poison and bankrupt yourself back into the stone age. If you want to know more about mind control and how all this works, please look up my article titled “Mind Control Documentaries and Real Life Examples of Mind Control”.

credit goes to Jason Cristoff for this article

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