Old n broken New Again

I’ve been an athlete all my life. Whether it was racing bikes, climbing trees, shooting pucks or scoring goals for my university soccer team. The outlet of endorphins and surge of adrenaline has always been addictive. That was usually enough to mask the strains, stretches, over used joints and tweaked muscles. A perfectly youthful, athletically trained and svelte body can easily move on to the next activity or game without much delay or hindrance. Even when an injury was serious recovery was speedy and efficient.

As school years pass and turn into decades the memories fade but those little injuries return to remind me. They veil themselves as a stiff knee that’s achy when it rains or a sore back that makes it harder each day to put my socks on. Would I like to not have those reminders as I gingerly get out of bed and snail my way down the stairs on those cold damp early mornings? Never, not in a million years.

Instead of suffering I’ve learned to manage these wounds. A deliberate and set stretching routine helps me to maintain the range of motion in my knees, hips and back. I’ve also initiated a low inflammation diet to reduce simple sugars, starchy carbs and processed foods that are known to increase tissue swelling. I’m not perfect but I try. I also attempt to utilize various techniques and products I’ve grown to discover over the years. Although the hot tub is soothing and relaxes the muscles it’s not as effective as an ice bath. Not sure if even Win Hoff truly enjoys those though?

I do know that when I use my magnetic joint wrap, far infrared light and or take pure CBD oil my body feels incredibly better. Couple that with the stretching routine, yoga 2x a week, 30 min of walking daily and the low inflammation diet… I sometimes wonder if I have a few goals left in me.

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